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Janice Christopher
The Queen Bee of Marketing – Keeping Things Real in the Hive. 

Janice Christopher is no stranger to marketing, with 30 years of sales and brand management experience. Formerly a Certified Financial Planner, Janice decided to spread her wings and become a marketing consultant for small- to medium-sized businesses. As a business owner herself, she knows how to listen to clients, identify their needs – and then develop a strategy to help them WIN. But you catch more flies with honey, right? She has three different service models to get brands buzzing — based on just how much attention they need from our resident beekeepers. Janice is competitive, relationship-oriented and smart – out to sting the competition and get customers swarming to your door. Known as the Queen Bee of Marketing, Janice’s sweet-spot is taking the mystery out of marketing and bringing buzz to her client’s brands.

Coffee talk: The stronger the better
Pet peeve: Dusty dashboards
Never leaves home without: Fashionista accessories
Ideal holiday: A tropical island with an umbrella drink

Signs that you’re ready to hire a marketing agency:

  • Whatever you “used to do” to make the phone ring isn’t working anymore
  • You know you need to be online more strategically but you don’t know where to begin
  • You just don’t have the time to do your own marketing effectively and responsibly
  • Your sales are good and you’re ready to grow
  • You can’t identify whether your current budget is doing anything to drive sales
  • You write checks to people you just met because they made a great pitch for an ad
  • Your competitor already has a marketing agency

Are you nodding your head yes? Want to do better in your next fiscal year?

That’s where the Janice Christopher Marketing Agency comes in. We take the mystery out of marketing and bring the BUZZ to your brand.

We’re a full-service digital marketing firm that helps small to medium-sized businesses promote their online brand by developing digital strategies that work.

We’re uniquely qualified to help you dominate your market and increase your sales. We’ll guide you through the process, make decision-making easy, and provide ongoing metrics so that you’ll know what’s working to drive your sales.

Worried about the budget? Don’t be. We’ll work with you to find the right mix of services for where you are right now.


“The Janice Christopher agency has helped my company BUZZ and thrive to where it is today. As a new growing business, every dollar counts. Janice helped me understand how company branding, digital marketing, and advertising would help me grow. Thanks to Janice and her team, it has proven to be more profitable than I could have ever imagined.


Last year my company grossed around $200,000 just from online customers. Other business owners ask me how I’m doing so much business, and I say “Well I have an awesome marketing agency and you should definitely give them a call, but be prepared to hire more people! I tease Janice and ask if she can “just turn it off” sometimes because of the volume of calls I am getting! (a good problem to have).


Janice truly delivers on her word, making sure you’re getting the quality service you deserve. She really understands the whole process/online marketing world as there are many pieces to the puzzle. It’s nice to have someone like Janice who really cares and loves what she does, to help bring the BUZZ to your brand!!”

Frank Rozio
Owner, Frank Rozio Painting

“Janice manages everything from building my brand, keeping my website active, buying media, producing TV and radio spots, managing TV appearances, making sure we win in a Google search for our category, and everything having to do with social media, testimonials and patient marketing. Highly Recommended!”

Jeffrey D. Gold MD
Medical Director, Liberty Vision

“I’ve never felt so clear about the strategy and mission of my brand.”

Krista Aloi Rae
Owner, New Haven Pilates

“[Janice] has been a tremendous help to our organization and we love working with her!”

Fiona Bradford
Assistant Director, New Haven Reads

“I knew right from the beginning that Janice is well rounded in all aspects of marketing. She’s amazing with local business and direct client relationships. She is strategic, creative and can help anyone from a startup to a well-established firm.”

Chanelle L. Leiss
Account Executive, Fox 61 News

“The Janice Christopher Agency has a sophisticated team of experts who will escort you through the throes of digital marketing and bring your business the recognition it deserves! 5 stars for this rockstar team.”

Alex Davis
Manager, Wrynn Painting

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