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New Haven Local Listings Management

The Janice Christopher Agency exists to help New Haven businesses grow with comprehensive digital marketing solutions customized according to their needs. Local listings ads is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes that are often overlooked in the world of digital marketing. Let's consider how New Haven local listings management services work and why your business needs it.

What is a Local Listings Management Program and How Can You Use it to Grow Your Business?

The Janice Christopher local listing ads program is essentially a business listings management tool. It allows you to get listed in dozens of the most popular sites and apps within minutes, and it also allows you to manage those listings thereafter.

Although roughly 80% of people are searching Google, 20% is searching somewhere else. 20% is a large number when we're dealing with tens of millions of people. If you want to tap into that smaller but large market share out there, you need to be listed on some of these local sites because these are the "somewhere else" that people are searching.

By getting all of those local listings created, it's going to help with your maps ranking on Google, and it's also going to help you rank organically better on search engines overall. These listings are sort of like votes in Google's "eyes," and the more you're listed, the more votes you have, telling Google that your content is credible and authoritative and to therefore rank you higher.

Simplify Your Local Listings with the Janice Christopher Agency

Our New Haven local listings management services save our clients lots of valuable time. You can simply log into your user dashboard and make adjustments, whether they be hours of operation, new services, new products, or new address and phone number. You simply make the change one time and the tool updates all your sites and apps within minutes. The alternative would be for you to log into each of those sites and apps and make those changes manually.

The Janice Christopher local listings management service ensures simplicity and avoids duplicate listings. The consistency factor is huge! Having the same phone number on all of your sites, the same hours of operation, and everything else is vital to your success. Plus, being able to easily and quickly check if you have duplicate listings, which can hurt your business, is an invaluable resource.

Contact the Queen Bee of Marketing

It all starts with a phone call. We will need to discuss your current listings to get a sense of where you're at overall and how we can set up our services from the outset to help you be successful. Once we set up everything for you, we'll give you access so you can review it and make any changes that may be needed.

You'll be able to track your results, see when new listings are created, and follow along with the journey of building out your presence with all of these directory sites. Local listings ads are huge because a lot of people are using voice search tools like Siri, and local listings ads are going to get you placed in all those places where you can earn business.

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